James Corden spoofs Beyonce's Lemonade with Lemonjames

James Corden has created a spoof of what is probably the most-talked about video of the moment - Beyonce's feature to go with her "visual album" Lemonade.

The TV presenter donned a selection of wigs as well as a bra and knickers for the three-minute 45 second Lemonjames at the start of Monday night's Late Late Show.

It starts with A Visual Monologue before a Donald Trump joke then A New Study as opposed to Bey's Anger And Apathy.

Corden puts on an American accent and says in a voiceover: "I try to write a monologue for you night after night, even when we don't have a show. I write a monologue but you don't see that."

In the clip he also replaces the infamous line from Lemonade about "Becky with the good hair" - which has already sparked debate over who her husband Jay Z might have slept with. Corden directs his version of the line at rival TV host Jimmy Kimmel and says: "Does that make you laugh like Jimmy with the good hair?"

In the section about a fake study, Corden uses Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) lyrics "All the single ladies, put your hands up". He is also seen hitting a TV with a baseball bat and in another shot he is in the bath.

The real visual part of Lemonade premiered on HBO on Saturday night.

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