The new Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo looks exactly like this guy's shorts


Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics unveiled a new logo for the 2020 Games today after the first was scrapped amid claims of plagiarism.

It seems, however, the new logos aren't completely unique either.

They look like this guy's shorts.

Organisers of the 2020 Games can afford to see the funny side of this copy-cat image after the controversy that followed the release of the first design - which looked a lot like the logo of a Belgian theatre in Liege.

We're not expecting the same sort of outrage.

For the record, here's the old Tokyo Olympics logo alongside the design of that Liege theatre.

Most people agree that the new logos are an improvement - even if they do look like a shorts design - although the feedback from Twitter hasn't been overly positive.

Still, it could be worse.

London 2012 Olympic logo
(London 2012/PA)