Twitter heartbroken by Louis Theroux documentary

Louis Theroux reduced viewers to tears with his latest documentary, Drinking To Oblivion.

The star explored alcohol abuse in Britain in the BBC programme, meeting people who drink more than a bottle of spirits or several cans of cider every day.

Many people found the sobering documentary was upsetting to watch.

The audience seemed to be particularly moved by 32-year-old alcoholic Joe.

He started drinking to oblivion after a break-up and losing out on a job he wanted, and Twitter fans were moved to tears for him.

Louis Theroux and Joe in Drinking To Oblivion
Louis Theroux and Joe (BBC)

Louis himself seemed to suggest he was a little nervous of the reaction before the BBC show got started tonight.

But he need not have worried about how it would be received, as Louis was soon the toast of social media for his sensitive storytelling.

There were even a few fans who weren't just satisfied with praising Louis' TV skills - they want to be his friend too.

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