Statue gets a detachable penis to stop people stealing it

Hercules was known for his sexual prowess... And people like taking away a little part of him as a souvenir

Town to Give Statue Detachable Penis to Stop People Stealing It

This statue of a man at a beautiful park in Arcachon, France that gets vandalised a lot - particularly on a certain part of its body.

The statue in Parc Mauresque is of Hercules, who is Greek mythology was a divine hero known for strength, courage, ingenuity and sexual prowess.

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The last character trait is important because the specific type of vandalism is people going up to the statue, which was put in the park in 1948, and they then chip off his penis and take it with them as a souvenir.

It's caused a lot of anger in the town and the mayor has even got involved, saying: "I wouldn't wish anyone, not even my worst enemies, to go through what happens to this statue."

So how is the town planning on stopping tourists from stealing the statue's privates after a few glasses of the local wine?

Well, they're not going to stop it, in fact they're giving in to public demand and are going to give Hercules a detachable penis that they can put on for ceremonies and other events.

At least this way they won't have to search the town top to toe each time the lose one.

Now the town won't only have to think about their lawns and flower displays on public occasions, they'll also have to remember to reunite Hercules with his penis.

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