Secrets call centre employees will never tell you

Secrets Call Center Employees Don't Want You To Know

Working in a call centre may not seem like anyone's dream job, but like plenty of other jobs, someone's got to do it.

As anyone who's had a job they hate knows, there are always ways to brighten up you day just a little bit when you feel like it's all going wrong.

This new video from Buzzfeed shows exactly how some call centre employees feel about their jobs, and what they do to make their days a little more entertaining.

It may sound like the person on the end of the phone knows exactly what they're talking about, but it turns out it's all about confidence as one confession says: "I've gotten so good at speaking with confidence that I don't know if any of this is true."

If that one comes as a surprise to you then you may be even more shocked to know that sometimes call centre employees actually like it when you ask to speak to their manager, purely because it means you're not bothering them anymore!

This next one may not be unfamiliar to a lot of people, taking toilet breaks at work to get a moment's peace. This is after all probably the only place in the office where you are guaranteed total privacy and a bit of quiet.

One of our favourite admissions from the video is also the one that makes the most sense. The nicer you are to a call centre employee, the more inclined they will be to help you out.

Remember that and you're sure to have a far more pleasant experience the next time you ring up!

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Secrets call centre employees will never tell you
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