NUS elects first black woman president Malia Bouattia


The National Union of Students has elected its first black woman to the post of president.

Malia Bouattia will take up her new post on July 1 after winning the election during the NUS conference in Brighton.

Bouattia is currently the NUS Black Students' Officer.

She said: "I am so proud to be elected as NUS' first black woman president and I look forward to the year ahead. I know students have huge transformative potential when we come together and put liberation at the heart of our work.

"From cuts to maintenance grants, college closures, the black attainment gap and the Prevent agenda, the number of voices and groups being silenced by this government grows by day. In the face of these attacks, I promise to unify, strengthen and lead our movement."

Her passionate pitch for the post of presidency has been uploaded to YouTube.

Bouattia was previously criticised for not supporting an NUS motion condemning the so-called Islamic State, reported the BBC.

But the NUS defended Bouattia explaining she was questioning the wording of the motion and not the principles. She later backed a letter condemning the terror group.

Supporters posted messages of congratulations on social media after she won the election in the first round of votes.