Justin Bieber turned into a tech reporter on his Instagram account


Justin Bieber is branching out - the singer has taken to Instagram to review the cameras on smartphones while on his tour bus.

Bieber's first steps into the world of technology journalism saw him post the same photo twice, but he took it with two different devices. The first was on a Samsung - though he doesn't specify which.

The What Do You Mean? singer then posted a second image of the same splattered bug, but this time he wrote that it was from an iPhone, again not stating which version of the Apple smartphone he was using.

"Check the one before I think Samsung took he (sic) better pic", he wrote as his verdict on the two pieces of hardware.

Samsung was clearly pleased with the results, thanking Bieber on Twitter for his "fact-checking".

Given that the short experiment took place on his tour bus, and Bieber is currently on a 114-date world tour, there could be more technology reviews to come in future.