Camping tips: Ten essential things to pack in a rucksack

Ten Things Every Adventurous Backpacker Needs

Anyone who has ever made their way around the world with a backpack will know that there a few essentials that you can't do without.

But if it's your first time heading out into the unknown then you might need a little guidance from the experts.

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Here we have put together a list of 10 items that will certainly come in handy for those adventurous backpackers out there.

Take a look at our list and let us know in the comments below what items you always make sure you have with you before you go travelling.

1. A poncho
They might not be the most elegant way to keep dry but you'll certainly be thankful you've got one when you're trekking about in the pouring rain and you want to keep not only yourself but your backpack dry. They're usually more than spacious enough to pop over your backpack as well as your shoulders, keeping everything dry.

2. A lighter or matches
A definite essential for campers and travellers alike. It's worth checking airline regulations before you fly though. Official UK government regulations state that you can carry one lighter on board with you but it must be in a resealable bag and you must keep it on you during the flight and not put it in your hand luggage.

3. Ziplock bags
These are great for keeping things like socks dry and are also handy for storing snacks like nuts and dried fruit (just make sure the fastening is properly shut before you chuck it in your bag!). They can also be useful if you find yourself at airport security without a clear plastic bag for liquids.

4. A multi-purpose knife
Scissors, corkscrews and blades may all come in handy on your travels and it's certainly a lot easier if you can carry them all in one item. Just remember to pack it in your hold luggage not hand luggage.

5. Duct tape
This is great for fixing holes in rain wear and tents and if worst comes to worst you could also make a good job of patching up your backpack with duct tape if needs be.

6. Wet wipes
A long haul flight or lengthy train journey can leaving you feeling more than a little grubby. Wet wipes are great for washing your face on the go and also come in handy when it comes to disinfecting wounds too.

7. A torch
Although plenty of mobile phones come with a torch application now they can quickly drain the battery which isn't great if you're nowhere near a power point. Take a torch and some spare batteries and you won't have to worry about fumbling around in your bag trying to find things, or losing your way as it gets dark.

8. A first aid kit
Carrying a basic first aid kit is an important part of travelling, especially if you're going somewhere remote. Make sure it's well stocked with disinfecting wipes, waterproof plasters and bug repellent. You can pick up ready made kits at most pharmacies or you can put one together yourself.

9. A sturdy water bottle
Instead of picking up a cheap water bottle at the airport it's much easier to invest in a good quality water bottle before you go, that way you'll always have one handy and you can even find some which are collapsible, making them easier to pack.

10. A sarong
These can be used as a towel, pillow, beachwear or even a scarf and saving space on packing is always useful.

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Camping tips: Ten essential things to pack in a rucksack

A woman in her 40s from Sheffield took pictures of her dead cats with her everywhere she went as she regarded them as 'part of the family' and liked to put them up in her room.

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A widow from Lanarkshire said she took an urn filled with her husband's ashes everywhere to keep her late husband close by.
A man from Hereford claimed to have an 'obsession' with Worcester sauce flavour crisps and liked to eat at least two packets a day so always required room in his suitcase for the snacks.
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A man from Cambridge said that he and his wife had an 'exotic sex life' which they maintained even on holiday.

A man from Derby with extreme pyrophobia always packed a fire extinguisher in the event of emergency from force of habit as well as for peace of mind.

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A man from Liverpool with a fear of flying took approximately fifteen 'lucky rabbit's feet' with him as in-flight good luck charms to ensure a safe landing. 

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