Stuntman backflips over speeding Formula E car

Stuntman backflips over Formula E car

A stuntman performed an incredible feat by backflipping over a speeding Formula E race car while facing the opposite way.

Damien Walters completed the move prior to last month's Mexico City race. Although people have somersaulted over moving cars before, Walters took it one stage further by being unable to see the car approaching, and judging the car's distance by the sound created from the tyres.
A spokesman for the racing series told The Verge that the stunt: "Will further enhance its reputation as the most innovative series in motorsport."

Bruno Correia, a racer in Formula E, coached the car's driver, Alistair Whitton, prior to the stunt.

Speaking at the event, Correia said: "The fact that he's doing a back flip without seeing the car approaching is crazy. This is dangerous."

It was also the first time that stunt driver Whitton had ever driven a Formula E car before, adding to the levels of uncertainty over the stunt.
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