People were outraged by the pushy parents on The Tiny Tots Talent Agency

Bizzykidz is an agency for kids who are (hmmmm, possibly) headed for stardom.

They get 100 baby applications every single day from people who want their kids to be on their books for modelling.

But Twitter just wasn't sure about some of the "stars" - or more importantly, their parents.

(Channel 4/Tom Barnes)

Take Cenk, who, at the age of 10, is setting up his own website. Oh, and he's releasing a single - basically, the kid is starting up his own brand. All thanks to his parents, of course, who really seemed like they want his brand to be a hit.

No, seriously Cenk, go and play outside with your friends instead of recording a song called "Lunchtime Rendezvous".


Oh, come on, is he ACTUALLY backstage at Fashion Week? At 10 years old?

london fashion week

Apparently, since filming, the launch of Cenk's brand is imminent.

Mind you, there's no denying people on Twitter were impressed with the motivation the kids (or, ahem, their parents) showed.

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