Helpless kittens rescued from glue rat trap

Helpless Kittens Rescued After Being Stuck to Glue Traps

A local business owner in Georgia, USA, got a surprise recently when laid out a rat trap to try and control rodent problem.

Because it wasn't a rat, but four black kittens that got stuck in the trap - and the rescue was a bit of a sticky process.

Their rescuer said he was first alerted to the problem when first a noise that he thought was seagulls.

When he went to try and find the source, he came across a little furry tail under one of the shelves.

"We pulled out the glue traps and found a kitten with its base stuck to it, so we took some scissors and cut around the trap to free the helpless kittens one by one after calling animal control," he says.

The kittens were taken to Angels among Us Pet Rescue where they could get the help they needed.

All four are doing well and will be they'll be up for adoption when they are old enough.
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