Bears walking on hind legs entertain tourists in South Korea (video)

The hungry bears were catching treats in their mouths as they walked

Watch These Bears Walk on Hind Legs Entertaining Surprised Tourists

Visitors at the Everland Park in South Korea were entertained recently by two bears who stood up on their hind legs to catch treats being thrown to them.

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The animals can be seen deftly catching the treats as they concentrate on staying upright.

Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea with a number of different areas including rides, games and arcades.

The Zoo-Topia area is home to a petting zoo and guests can take a tour of the area on a bus, which is where it's thought these staggering bears were spotted.

The visitors stay on board the bus throughout the duration of the safari ride and there is also a raft ride called Amazon Express.

This isn't the first time we've seen a bear forgoing all four legs to walk on just two.

Last year we reported on a bear nicknamed 'Pedals' which was seen walking through a neighbourhood in New Jersey.

It's thought Pedals was walking in the unusual way because he had seriously injured his front legs, leaving him unable to walk on all fours.

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