Why should we vote to stay in the EU referendum?

Lord Rose: Leaving the EU Would Mean More Taxes

Britain Stronger in Europe - chaired by former M&S boss Stuart, now Lord, Rose - has been designated as the official Remain campaign in the EU referendum.

On its campaign website it states:

'We are stronger, better off and safer in Europe than we would be out on our own.

'Of course the EU isn't perfect – but leaving Europe would risk our prosperity, threaten our safety and diminish our influence in the world.

'The benefits of being in clearly outweigh the costs: A stronger economy that delivers opportunity now and for future generations – opportunity through growth, trade, investment, jobs and lower prices; stronger leadership on the world stage, enabling us to shape the future – influence through participation; stronger security in a dangerous world, keeping Britain safe – safety though partnerships.

'To vote to remain part of Europe is to vote for a stronger, better off, safer Britain that delivers opportunity for individuals and families, now and in the future.

'To vote to leave is to take a leap into the unknown, risking a weaker economy, the prospects of future generations and a loss of influence on the world stage.'