Watch this adorable polar bear cub take her first swim

Rosie Vare
This Polar Bear Taking Her First Swim Is the Cutest Cub Ever
This Polar Bear Taking Her First Swim Is the Cutest Cub Ever

Five-month old polar bear Nora put on quite a show at her Columbus Zoo and Aquarium debut.

It was her first public appearance and swim. Nora weighs about 50 pounds, and spent most of her Friday in the polar bear habitat swimming among fish and playing with toy balls.

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The adorable baby polar bear gamely jumped in and out of the water, splashing around happily while playing with her new toys.

The footage also shows the snow white bear dashing around the edges of the pool before plunging into the cold water to play some more.

According to the zoo's website Nora was born on 6 November last year to her parents, Aurora and Nanuq.

Although Aurora gave birth to two cubs, Nora was the only one to survive. Shortly after her birth Nora's mother started taking breaks from caring for her and eventually the zoo keepers decided to hand rear the cub instead.

Tom Stalf is the President and CEO of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and he said: "Polar bears need our help. We are committed to doing everything we can at the Zoo, as well as supporting conservation initiatives for wild populations, to save these animals for generations to come."

Currently zoo visitors can see Nora playing in her enclosure each day from 9.30am for an hour. As she gets older, bigger and stronger the viewing times will be expanded.