Free climber falls from 17th floor of luxury hotel in Vancouver

free climber falls from fairmont hotel in vancouver
free climber falls from fairmont hotel in vancouver

A free climber who scaled the side of Vancouver's Fairmont Hotel is lucky to be alive after falling from the side of the hotel's 17th floor.

The climber, known as Joseph, was climbing a rubber cable to get to the luxury hotel's roof when he got tired and tried to rest on a ledge.

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He was too exhausted to lift himself up and slid back down the wire, crashing nine metres below onto scaffolding.

YouTuber Epinerein broke several bones in his arm and shoulder, and suffered spinal injuries.

Writing on YouTube, he said: "It is very lucky that I am able to live freely without any permanent injuries from the accident... Risking your life for fame or adrenaline rush is just shallow."

He added that he was lifted by his friend Kalen after the fall and took him back to his apartment but Joseph woke up "to a pain tenfold of what it was initially so I went to the hospital."