People are still battling it out to make sure this seven-year-old YouTube video keeps the same number of likes and dislikes


There's a four-second video on YouTube of a clip from animated comedy Futurama.

The clip shows Neutral President who, true to form, proclaims: "I have no strong feelings one way or the other."

And, because internet, YouTubers have strived to carry on that mantra outside of the clip and into the likes and dislikes section.

Since 2009 - yes, that's seven years ago - users have desperately fought to retain the equilibrium between the two sides.

comments underneath the video

People have sacrificed a lot to ensure the likes/dislikes remain the same, as user Nananki11 experienced first hand. They wrote: "I don't actually dislike this, and should the bar move the other way, I will retract my downvote, but for now, I strive to balance the equation."

Things can get pretty tense in the comments section when someone does upset the balance. User mmdirtyworkz wrote: "Some idiot has upset the balance, I have restored it. No need to thank me."

What a time to be alive.