Facebook and Microsoft close gender pay gap

The tech giants have announced changes to their wage systems

Facebook and Microsoft Like to Pay their Women

It looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg is not only all for charity, but he's all for supporting his female employees too.

Facebook has just announced that it has reached full gender pay equality when it comes to its employees.

This means that there's no difference in what the men and women with similar jobs and experience are getting paid at the social media network.

The company's vice-president, Lori Matloft Goler, wrote a post on Facebook saying: "We complete thorough statistical analyses to compare the compensation of men and women performing similar work. I'm proud to share that at Facebook, men and women earn the same."

She added: "There's always more work to be done, of course. But we're proud to be a leader in pay equality, and look forward to a time when we don't even need to call it out."

The social media site isn't the only one dropping news about the gender pay gap.

Microsoft says its female employees make about 99.8¢ for every $1 their male employees make.

It looks like the technology industry is way ahead of the 78¢ pay gap the majority of workplaces in the USA have.

Other companies have already 'been there, done that'. Intel revealed its pay parity is 100% and at Apple a woman makes 99.6¢ for every $1 made by their male coworkers.

The next step is diversifying the employee make up of the computer world given that more than two thirds of Facebook staff are currently men.

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