Edward Snowden was randomly added into a group chat with teenage girls who didn't know who he was


Edward Snowden's direct messages have been pretty lively since he joined Twitter.

Earlier this year Snowden had to ask for people to stop sending him nudes, using coded language, and occasionally lets us into the world of the strange things people send him.

The international fugitive was recently added into a group chat with some teenage girls, which writer Dave Lozo was also part of.

For most of the conversation Snowden stayed quiet, and that wouldn't have bothered the girls too much as they had no idea who he was.

The NSA whistleblower did eventually break his silence, in less explosive fashion than the broken vow that shot him to infamy, to ask the teens an important question.

"Ed", as the teens came to know him on his request, soon decided it wasn't safe for the girls and dropped this bit of information for them.

The 21st century is incredible, isn't it? When a random group of teens are in conversation with one of the best known figures of recent years, who's in exile in Moscow for leaking classified information, you just have to scratch your head and smile.

We learned a few other things from the teens. Such as:

And, crazily enough, that teenagers worry that Friends is becoming too mainstream. Y'know, Friends that first aired in 1994 and is on TV pretty much constantly throughout the day?