You can now explore the Game Of Thrones opening credits in 360-video

The world of Westeros has been captivating Game Of Thrones fans for years - first in books and now on-screen - as many day-dream about paying a visit to the land of Winterfell and the Night's Watch.

Now on one level that is possible via the TV show's official Facebook page. A new version of the opening credits has been uploaded that was made using 360-video, meaning users on desktops can move around it using their mouse, while those on mobile just tilt their phone to look around.

Game of Thrones - Game of Thrones Opening Credits 360 Video | Facebook

As the view pans into the various cities and landmarks, the best thing to do is pause the video and explore the likes of King's Landing a little deeper. Sadly you can't explore completely at your own leisure, having to follow the path of the trailer and there's a slightly strange reverse globe effect where the rest of the continents appear above you if you look up, but it's still a cool way to see a little more of the Game Of Thrones world.

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