Monkey gives tourist a big surprise

Rosie Vare
Monkey Surprises Nursery Visitor by Pulling Her Hair
Monkey Surprises Nursery Visitor by Pulling Her Hair

Monkeys are a species beloved for their playfulness. Perhaps for this reason, a nursery in Sukhumi, Georgia, UAS, is one of the top attractions in the area.

When Alexia visited, however, she didn't expect what lay in store. As she came close to an enclosure, one of the creatures popped out and grabbed her hair!

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The animal didn't seem too keen on letting go either and clung onto her hair for a little while before deciding that she was allowed to leave again.

According to Lonely Planet the Sukhumi Monkey Nursery was originally best knows for training monkeys that were later sent into space in the 1980s.

Although only around 300 monkeys remain at the facility it's still a popular attraction thanks to the bold animals and the opportunities for visitors to feed them.