Bus driver saves boy choking on coin (video)

Ruth Doherty
Bus driver saves boy choking on coin (video)
Bus driver saves boy choking on coin (video)

The moment a female school bus driver saved a choking boy's life by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre has been caught on camera.

Oklahoma school boy, Cameron Jansson, aged six, swallowed a coin on the bus and started choking on it.

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The bus had just dropped off a student so it wasn't moving. At first, driver Ginger Maxville thought Cameron was messing around, before realising the situation was serious.

She immediately jumped into action and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on the boy, who looked terrified and was "just red and gasping for air", said Ginger.

The coin is swiftly removed and Ginger then sits him down and gives him a cuddle.

As she wipes his face, she can be heard saying: "Don't you do that again, you scared me to death, you hear me? Oh, thank the Lord you're ok."

Speaking to News On 6, Ginger said the reality of the situation didn't really kick in until all the students got off the bus.

She said: "My knees were then kind of shaky. "I just kind of fell apart and just thanked God for helping me through it, and I'm just so glad that he is OK."

Cameron's mum Robin said of Ginger: "She's an angel. She just really is an angel in our eyes."

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