Does Siri know if Jon Snow is dead?

Siri, the virtual assistant that lives inside your iPhone, claims to have most of the answers you could ever want to know.

Now very keen Game of Thrones fans are turning to the all-knowing voice in search of answers over the on-going mystery surrounding the death of show favourite Jon Snow at the end of season five.

Many believe they can't possibly have killed him off, and several teasers have since suggested it might not be the end for him.

But what does Siri think?


Hmm, not very helpful. But wait, ask again, because Siri has another response.


Funnier, and complete with an in-show reference, but still no more helpful.

Twitter users also reported another answer popping up.

But again, no light is shed on the fate of our hero. It appears Siri might be as in the dark as the rest of us, and is just as eagerly awaiting the start of season six.

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