Chris Packham let wasps LICK his five-year-old's face


Chris Packham had a rather novel approach to getting his daughter used to insects - he let wasps lick jam off her face.

The Springwatch star said he was determined to ensure that his step-daughter Megan wouldn't be frightened of bugs.

"It was important to me that Megan grew up with animals all around her. I wanted her to respect animals, communicate with them and understand them," he told The Guardian.

Chris Packham at an awards ceremony
Chris Packham (Lewis Whyld/PA)

"When Megs was five, I smeared her face with jam and got wasps to lick it all off. I didn't want her to ever be afraid of wasps."

And it wasn't just wasps that Megan got up close and personal with.

Wildlife presenter Chris said: "She's also been scratched by a tiger and bitten by a meerkat. And a snake. We laughed about it - well, after she'd finished crying."

It seems the star's tactics paid off, as Megan has clearly inherited his passion for animals and nature.

He said: "She's very passionate about animal welfare. At the moment, she's working for a charity in China, helping them provide behavioural enrichment for bears that have been rescued from bile farms. I couldn't have asked for more."