Watch Justin Bieber's brutal on-stage fall as he slips and lands in a puddle


Justin Bieber experienced a total wipe-out when he slipped in a puddle of water on stage and fell to the ground.

He may have been performing Sorry, but the pop star had nothing to apologise for - carrying on with the song without missing a beat, despite the nasty fall.

At his concert in Kansas City, Missouri, Justin and his backup dancers were performing on a stage covered in some sort of liquid, perhaps artificial rain.

But the 22-year-old soon found himself in a slippery situation.

He may well have been thinking "baby, baby, baby - ow" as he jumped straight back up to continue the song, or was perhaps considering the safety hazard created by "all the times that you rain on my parade", or reassuring himself: "You can't fly unless you let yourself fall".

Or even: