MasterChef's Jack put coriander in a deconstructed cheesecake and viewers were very unsure


To fight for their place in knock-out week, six cooks had to make one dish based on a brief by food critic William Sitwell.

And straight away, people were voicing their strong opinions on the herb he said they all had to include in their dishes.

Even judge Gregg Wallace admitted he's not a fan of coriander. Which is surely never a good start...

Then contestant Jack only went and said he'd decided to make a - wait for it - cheesecake with coriander in it.

(Screenshot/BBC iPlayer)

He said the herb used to be used as an aphrodisiac, calling it a "love potion". Ooo-er.

It's fair to say some people were rather unsure about a coriander dessert...

And about the fact it was going to be deconstructed...

Here's how it turned out.

And guess what? Gregg LOVED IT.

But it was judge John Torode saying that it got his erogenous zone that really got people, er, going.

Jack got a great response from critic William too. But as pleased as we are for him that he actually managed to pull a coriander cheesecake off, this probably sums up how we're all feeling right about now...