Ronnie Pickering is back with another rant, this time directed at a traffic warden


You may remember him as the man who launched a thousand memes, the man who turns a shade of harsh burgundy when he gets really, very cross or the man who is far too aggressive to be driving a rounded Citroen Picasso.

However you remember Ronnie Pickering. However you remember your exact whereabouts when you first heard the name. One thing that's for sure is that you absolutely remember him.

There was always going to be a sequel, wasn't there? Ronnie Pickering screaming out of the window of his car til his lungs completely deflated, like two used whoopee cushions, was always wanting a sequel.

This time he's back, but on the other side of the camera, having re-branded himself as a "defender of the people". A man "willing to take the law into his own hands". He's yelling again. But this time he's yelling in the face of a traffic warden.

Who hasn't been there though, right? Who hasn't leapt to the defence of an elderly couple receiving a ticket for something they probably did wrong anyway? Yeah?

Oh Ron, Oh Ronnie. How we've missed your jumpy, yet dulcet barks from our YouTube.

Welcome back, Ronnie.

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P.s. If anyone can actually understand what he is saying, here, please get in touch.