This is what a man's underwear tells you about him

If you wear superhero undies, you might not be in control of your life...

What a guy's choice in underwear says about him

Your style says a lot about your personality, from the way you wear your hair to the shoes you put on your feet.

But what about your choices that aren't so visible?

Underwear maker Tommy John decided to run a survey of men asking about their underpants.

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And it says the answers show men's strengths and weaknesses as leaders.

It claims its findings prove that:

If you don't buy new undies, you're not open to change. Alarmingly, 75% of men said they wait two to five years before replacing their underwear. And 10% of the men revealed they keep them twice as long as they typically keep a job.

Most men are superstitious. A whopping 90 percent said they owned lucky underwear, and of course they're always sure to wear them before an important meeting or special date.

If you let someone else make underwear choices for you, you might not be in control of other important decisions. Around 25 percent of the men surveyed said they let someone else pick for them, including their mother-in-laws (perhaps not surprisingly, one third of those men wear superhero undies).

Younger men make better choices: Two thirds of the men 18 to 29 years old said they replaced their underpants before they started sagging, while on only 55 percent of men 45 to 59 years old do.

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