Woman claims Kwik Fit tried to overcharge her due to her gender

Credit: Susie Henderson, Facebook

A mother was left perplexed after mechanics at Kwik Fit quoted her £360 to fix a tyre with a slow puncture. She believes it was an effort to take advantage of the fact that she's a woman and overcharge her for a job that later cost £11.65 at an independent garage.

When 32-year-old teacher Susie Henderson noticed that the front driver's side tyre on her Renault Clio was leaking air, she took the vehicle to her local Kwik Fit garage in Milngavie, Glasgow.
Expecting it to be a quick and easy job, she was shocked to receive a call from the mechanics an hour later claiming that the tyre couldn't be fixed, and that the other three tyres on the vehicle would also need replacing, due to one having a tear, another having illegally low tread and one being a winter tyre.

In disbelief at the quote, Mrs Henderson and her husband, with whom she shares the car, decided to go to family-run SMS Tyre & Exhaust Centre in Stirling, who checked all four tyres and charged less than £12 to fix the puncture, deeming the others safe and legal.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mrs Henderson said: 'I think the mechanics saw that I was a woman and thought they could quote me whatever they liked.

'I am disgusted that Kwik Fit would have happily taken £360 from me fully knowing that there was nothing wrong with my tyres.

'I work hard for my money and don't like to be conned by a nationwide company who should be honest with their customers. They should be ashamed of themselves.'

A Kwik-Fit spokesperson denied Mrs Henderson's claims but apologised for any inconvenience caused, commenting: 'All of our advice is given with the safety of the motorist uppermost in mind, whether they are male or female, young or old.

'A senior manager from our company has spoken with Ms Henderson and arranged to meet with her where a further re-inspection of her tyres will take place in order to assess if she was given the correct advice by our staff.'
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