Politicians are way more bearable, and even a little fun, when portrayed by children


"Tired of playground politics?" the Green Party asks in its latest party political broadcast - and the answer, after watching this, is a resounding no.

Whether it's young David telling young George "no ifs, no buts", he won't be getting between him and Boris, or whether it's the genuinely adorable - if completely oblivious - portrayal of Jeremy Corbyn, this video has left us wanting even more playground politics. In fact, we want a whole documentary series following these cute five-year-old children around while they satirise the country's best-known politicians.

Theresa May isn't safe. Sadiq Khan isn't safe. Tim Farron isn't safe. Even the forgotten Liz Kendall isn't safe.

We know what you're thinking. "Are we sure that wasn't actually Boris Johnson?" No. No we're not.

We know what else you're thinking. "Did I actually just enjoy a party political broadcast?" Yes, yes you did.

And yes, despite it all being pretty brilliant, you're right. Liz Kendall *was* the star of the show.