5 of the biggest BGT controversies

The upcoming series of Britain's Got Talent will undoubtedly have its share of controversies.

Acts will be lashing out and blaming the show after getting the boot, Simon Cowell and co will be forced to shrug off fix claims... it will be business as usual.

We have a look back at some of the biggest shockers over the last few years.

1. Matisse and the stunt dog double

Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse on a red carpet
Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse (Yui Mok/PA)

Scandal! The cute canine who romped to victory last year didn't do it alone - he had a stunt double!

Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse wowed us with their performance and took home the title, shortly before it emerged that the pooch had been swapped out for the spectacular tightrope stunt in favour of one of his furry friends.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom investigated and ruled that "ITV broke broadcasting rules by misleading viewers during the series finale", although they confirmed that there wasn't any intention to deceive viewers.

Happily, it looks as if Matisse is still enjoying the good life despite the backlash.

2. Jennifer Lopez' leotard

Jennifer Lopez' performance on the show hit a bit of a bum note, when viewers complained about her skimpy outfit and on-stage writhing.

The curvy star sang her single Live It Up on the programme in 2013, clad in a black bodysuit and thigh high boots, and some watchers complained that it was a bit much for a family show.

J-Lo later said she thought the backlash was unfair because she had worn a typical stage outfit and wasn't any raunchier than any other pop stars.

"I feel like I'm so tame," she told Scott Mills' show on BBC Radio 1. "We wore it at Billboard and Britain's Got Talent said they wanted exactly the same. So I thought I'd wear the outfit in black. No one complained at Billboard. I think people just like to talk. It was a body suit. A lot of performers wear that these days. It is standard stage clothes. I'm not going to walk down the street like that!"

Jennifer Lopez on stage at the Billboard Awards
Jennifer Lopez wore a red version of the outfit at the Billboard Awards (Chris Pizzello/AP/PA)

3. Ronan Parke and the blogger

Simon Cowell had to call the police back in 2011 when an anonymous blogger started rumours about 12-year-old contestant Ronan Parke.

Ronan Parke on Britain's Got Talent
Ronan Parke (Ken McKay/ITV/PA)

The man claimed the young singer had been groomed for stardom for two years before he was on the show and that he already had a management deal - which both Simon and Ronan denied.

He was eventually cautioned by police and apologised for his actions.

Ronan made it to the final but ended up losing out to Jai McDowall.

4. Bruce Forsyth has a pop

Sir Bruce Forsyth on the red carpet
Bruce Forsyth (Joel Ryan/AP/PA)

Bruce Forsyth caused a bit of a stir when he suggested young children shouldn't be allowed to compete on Britain's Got Talent.

The Strictly Come Dancing veteran told a Sunday newspaper he thought the TV talent competition was too much of an "ordeal" for little ones and suggested there could be a separate children's show.

It sparked a war of words with the show's judges, with Simon Cowell jokingly referring to Brucie as "Mr Grumpy".

Undeterred, Bruce later wrote in the Daily Mail: "But I really do think he should stop putting young children under the immense and possibly damaging pressure of performing on national television, not just in front of a live audience, but also before four very sharp judges.

"You can see that many of the adult performers find the experience traumatic, so what sort of emotional damage could it be doing to children who, for the most part, are only there because of the ambition of their parents and teachers?"

5. Paddy and Nico's show-winning past

Paddy and Nico on BGT
Paddy and Nico (ITV/PA)

Salsa-dancing granny Paddy and her dance partner Nico wowed all four judges with their moves when they appeared in 2014.

But the pair faced controversy when it became known that they had previously won a Spanish talent competition called Tu Si Que Vales, which is very similar to BGT.

For a moment it looked as if the tides were turning as viewers realised Paddy wasn't a dear old granny who had dusted off her dancing shoes for the show, but someone more skilled entirely.

However the duo weathered the storm, and eventually salsa-ed their way into ninth place.

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