Three common myths about sex debunked

Hands up: which of these do you actually believe?

Popular Sex Myths, Debunked

So you think you know a thing or two about sex? Prepare to think again...

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#1 Myth: Men reach their sexual peak at 18.

Fact: Around the late teens, men are producing the most testosterone they ever will. But your hormonal peak isn't your sexual prime, which is affected by health, genetics and psychological factors. The bottom line? The best way to reach your sexual peak is by focusing on your health outside of the bedroom.

#2 Myth: Single people have better sex than married ones.

Fact: Only 5% of singles age 25-59 have sex at least twice a week. It's 25% for marrieds. Guys who hook up report lower self-esteem and overall happiness than men in relationships. The bottom line? The bar scene is a buffet of possible partners, but how many will actually go home with you and be into the things you like?

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#3 Myth: Sex screws with your athletic performance.

Fact: Sex boosts testosterone which is a good thing for athletes. When a man orgasms, his brain releases dopamine and prolactin, two hormones which make you feel less pain. The bottom line? Feel free to have all the sex you want before the big game.

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