Healthy things you can do that don't involve the gym

Normal things you can do, that don't involve the gym, to keep you healthy

Eating right and being active seem to take the forefront when it comes to being health - but there are other things you can do that don't involve working up a sweat.

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Get a dog
In addition to the obvious exercise factor, it can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and hanging out with an adorable little friend makes you feel less lonely.

Helping out with local charities and organisations is also linked to lower blood pressure and a longer life span.

Eat in
When you cook at home, you have more control over what you're eating than when you're out. People who munch dinner at home save around 130 calories compared to those who don't.

Get arty
Channel your inner artist and join the kids in some crayon fun. Artsy projects like colouring have been proven to ease stress and anxiety.

Book a holiday
It doesn't have to be far or expensive, but taking a break and putting your job on hold can reduce the risk of a heart attack and depression.

So if a gym membership never interested you, and juice trends make you laugh, you've still got alternatives to keep you living a healthy lifestyle.

And if one of them takes you to the Bahamas? Even better.

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