Truck takes on deadly steep hill (video)

Truck Rolls down Steep Hill
Truck Rolls down Steep Hill

For some of us, taking on a parallel parking mission in the local supermarket car park is the most stressful part of our driving day, but others take it to the extreme, like this man.

Onlookers were left panicked and amazed after watching one brave driver navigate a pick up truck down an exceptionally sharp and muddy hill.

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One worried bystander could be heard saying: "Oh my god, that is way too steep!" before she was reassured by someone else looking on.

The footage opens with the white car sat atop an incredible steep hill with no apparent way of getting down.

The truck can then be seen very slowly but surely edging its way down the muddy incline before it reaches slightly more level ground at the bottom where it picked up a little speed.

The truck also appears to carve deep grooves into the dry mud surface as it inches down the hill.

As it reaches the bottom it appears the fearless driver takes a little more relaxed view to safety as the truck violently slews to one side before correcting itself and driving onwards.

The drama isn't completely over and done with though because even though the truck reaches the base of the hill it still has to make its way back onto the rough dirt track.

This involves accelerating upwards over a ledge which appears to do a bit of damage to the truck's bumper, but after surviving that descent, we don't think you'd be too worried about that.

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