Koala stops traffic on Australian highway (video)

Koala stops traffic on Brisbane highway
Koala stops traffic on Brisbane highway

A busy highway might not be the best place to take a stroll, but this koala spotted in Australia didn't seem to have any problem with it.

The native Australian marsupial had to be escorted to safety by police after it was found wandering down the busy road.

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The little creature was seen strolling and hopping down the Brisbane Valley Highway while cars pulled over to avoiding causing the animal any harm.

The video, which was originally posted to Facebook, then shows a policeman shadowing the koala down the road keeping it out of harm's way.

Amused motorists looked on as the little animal seemed in no rush to get out of the way.

The koala eventually appeared to give in to the policeman's wishes and it was later spotted taking refuge in some greenery by the side of the road.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the police officer had stayed close to the koala until it was safe.

Despite their rather cute and fluffy appearance, experts emphasise that koalas should not be picked up due to their sharp claws.

This will have been an unusual sight even for Australians given that koalas generally spend the majority of their time in eucalyptus trees.

According to National Geographic koalas eat as much as one kilo of eucalyptus leaves each day and even store leftover leaves in their cheeks.

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