The dangers of posting about your children on social media

Dangers Of Posting About Your Kids On Social Media

Facebook isn't what it used to be. Parents' feeds are full of videos and photos of their kids doing and saying the cutest or silliest things. But posting embarrassing moments or even innocent photos of a fun play date could put your kids in danger.

So here are a few do's and don'ts.

Do think before you post: the internet isn't going away, and the post you put up today could be used to bully them tomorrow. That means absolutely no bath time or potty training pics.Ever.

Don't ever 'shame' your children on Facebook. This can have real long-term affects on your child. In one instance, a girl committed suicide after her dad posted a shaming video on Youtube.

Do think about who will be able to see these posts. You don't want strangers to see them.

Don't ever post the name of your child's school or address or home address online. Ever.

Don't post those play dates unless you have the permission of the other parents. Another strict no-no that could get you into serious trouble.

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