The five things visitors notice when they come to your home

This video could save you hours of frenzied cleaning!

What Your Guests Notice Most About Your Home!

Do you go into a blind panic when you know you're going to have visitors to your house?

You're not alone. Most of us go into a frenzied cleaning overdrive when guests are due - but instead of spending hours with the mop, pay attention to the five things they'll definitely notice and you'll be fine.

They are (in no particular order):

The smell of your house
Most of us don't notice the smell of our own homes because we're so used to it. But your guests will. So if you're in doubt, light a scented candle or two to give a pleasant whiff on arrival.

The drinks on offer
Having a well-stocked drinks cabinet is key to successful entertaining.

The flowers
A bouquet here or some healthy greenery ther can instantly change a room, making it look cared for and giving it a pleasant ambience (just remember to water them - dead flowers or plants have the opposite effect).

The clutter
Making sure there's room to sit is essential. Just put your clutter in a box in a cupboard for a quick and easy tidy-up.

The bathroom
Your guests will need to visit the smallest room in the house - so keep it well stocked with plenty of loo roll, soap and clean towels to hand at all times.

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