Rescued slow loris will melt your heart

Baby Pasar was saved from cruel animal market

Rescued Wide-Eyed Slow Loris Staring At Caretaker Will Melt Your Heart

Meet Pasar, the adorable Javan slow loris who was rescued after being snatched from his home at just six weeks old.

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Indonesian police found Pasar – along with four other lorises - when they raided an animal market in Jakarta. Taken from the Indonesian rainforest, Pasar's captors had filed down his teeth so he would be defenceless - a practice which many slow lorises do not survive.

All five creatures were brought to the International Animal Rescue centre in Ciapus, near Bogor, about four hours' drive from Jakarta.

Writing on their website, the rescue team said: "On arrival the lorises were taken straight to the veterinary clinic and received immediate treatment from our medical team.

"The slow lorises were in a serious condition. The adults were dehydrated, their teeth had been clipped out and their mouths were bleeding and infected. One female was pregnant. The babies Pasar and Warung were severely traumatised and constantly crying out for their mothers."

Because of the damage to their teeth, it is unlikely that any of the adults will be released back to the wild. But the babies have a chance of returning to their home in the forest once they have completed their time in quarantine, and undergone a period of rehabilitation.

The Javan slow loris is listed as Critically Endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN.) The greatest threat to their survival is the illegal pet trade.

The rescue team in Java are doing all they can to help and rehabilitate lorises like Pasar, as well as supporting the work of the authorities to crack down on the poachers and smugglers.

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