These drivers definitely don't belong behind the wheel

Driver's Education from the JukinVideo Vault
Learning to drive can be tricky for the most adept of people, and proves downright impossible for others.

This compilation video provides a number of perfect examples of why some people are better suited to the passenger seat, rather than being behind the wheel.

Watch as a car reverses into three pedestrians stood behind it, before a scooter rider careers around a corner into a parked car.

Meanwhile a Mercedes-Benz SUV strands itself on a traffic island, while an Opel Corsa reverses into another car in a poorly-judges parallel parking manoeuvre.

A young Porsche 918 Spyder driver attempting to show off to numerous onlookers ends up embarrassed after crashing the exclusive vehicle into a curb, while the driver of a small red city car would no doubt rather not have a crowd, who cheer him on as he struggles to park.

The final clip shows a case of unfortunate circumstance, as a water pipe underneath a stationary silver saloon bursts, sending the rear of the vehicle flying up into the air.
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