Huvafen Fushi, Maldives: Five reasons you'll love it

Take a virtual tour of this stunning hotel in the Maldives
Take a virtual tour of this stunning hotel in the Maldives

Anyone who has seen even one photo of the beautiful Maldives is likely to have shoved it right to the top of their bucket list. After all, who can resist crystal clear blue waters and golden sands?

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The Maldives, which are made up of 1190 islands in the Indian Ocean (1897 of which are inhabited), boast some beautiful luxury hotels, and the Huvafen Fushi resort is no exception. This naturalist's wonderland is a haven in itself, boasting a number of amazing attractions to draw guests in. These include:

The world's first underwater spa
LIME Spa has to be the epitome of indulgence - while you're quietly relaxing on the massage bed you can enjoy spectacular views of the reef around you not to mention the champagne and truffles that are also on offer.

Parasailing trips to some of the world's most remote islands
If exploring the Maldives by foot or on a boat isn't enough why not take to the skies to enjoy a bird's eye view of the islands. Test your bravery and go parasailing, you won't miss anything while you're floating 100 meters in the air.

The world's most remote gallery
One of the newest additions to the island is 'pr @ hf' - a gallery showcasing the work of award-winning British photographer Paul Reiffer. If you thought the islands themselves were hard to get to, think again: this gallery is only accessible by boat or seaplane, making it one of the most exclusive galleries in the world.

Underground wine cellar
It's not every hotel that has a wine cellar on offer and there's even fewer that can be found underground on a remote island. Vinum at Huvafen Fushi is the first underground wine cellar in The Maldives and guests can enjoy dinners and parties in the cellar.

Your own private sandbank
If you're looking for some real alone time while in the Maldives then why not relax on your own private sandbank that only appears at low tide and can also only be reached by boat. If that's not luxurious enough you'll also have the help of a butler to deal with all your requests.

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