Nine weird body hacks that really do work

How to ease toothache, stop an itchy throat, relieve the pain when you're desperate for the loo and many more...

9 Weird Body Hacks That Totally Work

This video is a real revelation - because it shows how you can help ease all sorts of common irritations easily.

There are tips for helping ease the discomfort when you're desperate for the loo, relieve an irritatingly itchy throat and kill the pain from toothache and unblock a stuffy nose, to name but a few.

Try these and let us know if they've worked for you!

When you are desperate to wee and are waiting for the loo
Try this:
Scratch the back of your calf. Apparently, this can slow down the message from your bladder to your brain.

When you have an itchy throat and have to keep coughing
Try this: Scratch your ear. This can trigger a muscle spasm in your throat that will relieve the itch.

When you get brain freeze from a cold drink
Try this:
Rub your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will warm up your palate and stop the pain.

When you feel edgy and anxious
Try this:
Blow cold air on the back of your thumb. The theory here is that since thumbs have their own pulse, slowing it down can help you feel more relaxed.

When you have a toothache
Try this:
Rub ice onto the side of your hand, between your index finger and thumb. Sounds like a lie, but it works!

When you're having an injection or blood taken with a needle
Try this: Cough once before, then again as it goes in (although it's a good idea to warn your doctor that you're going to do this first!)

When you have a stuffy nose
Try this: Press the space between your eyebrows and rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue. This can help drain your sinuses.

When you need to sneeze but it just won't come
Try this:
Look at a bright light. Science isn't sure why this works - but it does.

When you go for a high five but miss
Try this:
Watch the other person's elbow.

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