Is this the explanation for the Bermuda Triangle?

Scientists may have found out why so many boats have mysteriously disappeared

Scientists Offer Smelly Explanation to Bermuda Triangle

Scientists believe they may have found an explanation for the legendary and mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle has been an infamous airspace in an area of ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where planes and boats have vanished without a trace.

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In modern times the disappearances have been noted since 1809 but they may go even further back. Some even say that Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, which was written in 1611, is about a disappearance near Bermuda and the magic associated with it.

Now, scientists studying the Barents Sea, north of Norway, are saying that they have discovered huge craters around half a mile wide and 150 feet deep.

They believe these craters formed after huge explosions caused by methane being converted from being frozen to a gas very quickly.

The Arctic University of Norway is saying explosions like this would send a huge amount of water up very fast and any boats or ships that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time would disappear without a trace, just like they do in the Bermuda Triangle.

Other explanations that have been offered for the mysterious disappearances in the Triangle include the area being a black hole, a time portal or it being ruled over by the paranormal or even aliens.

According to the International Business Times more information about the scientific research and findings will be release in April at the European Geosciences Union.

It's thought that as many as 8,127 people have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle since 1851.

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