Man in China sent flying into the air by speeding car

A pedestrian in China was sent flying into the air after being hit by a speeding car, but reports say he avoided injury thanks to his martial arts training.

The man, whose name is Chen, was sent into a 360-degree flip by the car in Zhenjiang city before landing heavily on the concrete floor. Although he was taken straight to hospital, he only suffered a concussion.
Reports say that Chen had been practicing kung fu all his life, which officers say meant he subconsciously softened his fall with his hands. This made sure that he didn't suffer any serious injuries, and is directly linked to skills learnt when practicing the martial art.

Officers who arrived at the scene told local media reporters: "We found it strange that he had minor injuries."

The driver of the car has yet to be found, and as yet the accident is still under investigation.

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