Shuttle bus catches fire in San Francisco petrol station

Shuttle Bus Bursts Into Flame at San Francisco Gas Station

A shuttle bus burst into flames while parked in a San Francisco petrol station recently, after its driver pulled over thinking the vehicle was overheating.

The footage, which was captured by a San Francisco resident, sees plumes of black smoke rising up into the sky.
Tim White, who saw the blaze, told news reporters: "It caught fire so quickly – I would say probably within around two minutes half of the vehicle was engulfed."

Luckily, employees in the petrol station were quick to use the pump's emergency shutoff, preventing disaster and further destruction.

Firefighters evacuated the area after arrival, making sure that no one was in the vicinity of the bus in case there was an explosion.

One firefighter suffered an injury during the incident, though not from the fire. It is reported he was hit by a falling piece of equipment from one the fire department's rigs.
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