Iwan Thomas reveals his hidden sensible side

The TV presenter says he's very sensible with his money

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Sprinter turned TV presenter, Iwan Thomas, may never have been so busy, with presenting roles for the One Show, Athletics, BBC specials like Crufts and BT Sport Moto GP - not to mention his brief but memorable appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. However, at the age of 42, and with one successful career already behind him, he told AOL Money that he knows how important it is to be sensible with money.

Money and athletics

Iwan rose quickly to the top of his sport. He left university at the age of 21, and by the age of 22 he had picked up a silver medal in Atlanta. It was to be the first of many athletic successes, which saw him go on to become a Commonwealth and World Champion.

As a result, he was quickly spotted as an athlete that sponsors wanted to work with, and he signed his first four-year shoe deal that year. He says: "As a successful athlete you are looked after. I was always sponsored, so I never bought a piece of kit. I used to get quite spoiled, and have two boxes of new kit delivered each week from sponsors. It's not a wealthy sport, but you are looked after."

However, he says even then he was careful with his money. He says: "My athletics career ended in injury but you always know an athletics career is going to be limited."

"My dad has always been sensible and good with money, and he has taught me the value of money, the value of working hard, and appreciating what I have. It means I have always saved and invested, and used a financial adviser." Within a year of signing his shoe deal he had bought his first house, and a year later he bought his second.

TV presenting

His TV career has taken him away from a regimented world dictated by training and competitions, and into something more "random and varied". His incredibly diverse TV presenting is supplemented by charity work - including being a running ambassador for Macmillan Cancer Support and working with the Saints Foundation, backed by Southampton Football Club, helping people get their lives back on track.

It also offers corporate opportunities. He says: "In the last couple of years I have been careful to choose jobs that suit me - and suit my personality. One of the things I did recently was a campaign for Argos, where we visited three families in three cities who had won a special delivery of loads of goodies from the Argos Fast Track team. That was a lovely thing to be involved with because it really made a difference to them."


While Iwan uses words like 'boring' and 'grown up' to describe most of his spending, he has some extravagances. He says: "I like cars and I like bikes, and I spend a bit of money on my house. If you work hard, and you're not spending beyond your means, then there's nothing wrong with spending your money on things you like."

However, he adds: "I don't waste my money and I don't just buy things on a whim. I was in London the other day and saw a bag for £1,300. It was nice, but I didn't get it."

When asked for the last thing he bought, he's embarrassed to realise it was a bit grown up. He says: "It was a really massive funky mirror for the bathroom. Actually I'm really proud of that because I'm not great at DIY and I put it up myself. I even managed to drill through tiles without damaging them."

When asked about his next purchase, he's even more embarrassed to admit he's currently shopping for a new shed - although he says he's not in any danger of becoming the kind of man who spends his weekends pottering in his shed any time soon.

He is, however, keen to make plans for the future. He says: "My TV presenting career is going well, and I have a face that fits for now, but you can't guarantee it will last forever, and one day I may need to get a proper job."

Iwan Thomas in the Argos Fast Track campaign

Argos Fast Track ambassador Iwan Thomas surprised and delighted people across the nation as part of a Twitter competition showcasing the same day delivery service available nationwide 7 days a week for only £3.95.

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