Survey reveals Britain's worst drivers

A furiously angry woman driving yells, shaking her fist through the windshield in a bout of road rage!
A survey has revealed Britain's worst drivers – and has generated some surprising results.

Cassell Moore, a Liverpool law firm, asked 1,000 British drivers who they thought would be the most likely person to cause a car accident.
Topping the results were boy racers, who gained 48 per cent of the votes, seemingly emphasising the stereotype.

Up next came white van men, who took 43 per cent of the votes – and 28 per cent of these pointed directly to delivery drivers.

Paul Breen, head of serious catastrophic injury at Cassell Moore, said: "White can men and so-called boy racers have long been singled out for their poor road manners.

"And sadly it appears that old stereotypes are hard to shrug off, as little has changed in the past decade in terms of how they're perceived.

"The stats are actually reflected in the work I undertake as a lawyer.

"Many of the clients I deal with are what you would call boy racers – young lads who find themselves in serious trouble through a dangerous mix of being both inexperienced, irresponsible and with a false confidence about their abilities as a driver."

Surprisingly, 36.9 per cent of those who were asked voted for the elderly as the most likely to cause an accident, while just 10 per cent pointed their fingers at HGV drivers.

Breen added: "Meanwhile, I'd argue that the perceived poor driving standards of white van men may largely be a result of the pressure placed on them by their employers."
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