Research finds which driving behaviours bring highest risks

Study Finds Surprising Factor For Drivers That Increases Accident Risk Tenfold

Research has found which behaviours create the greatest risk of being involved in a crash. It appears that those who get behind the wheel while under the influence of strong emotions could see themselves getting into an accident as a result.

A ten-fold increase in the chance of being involved in a crash can be seen by drivers who begin to drive while feeling sad or tearful. Drivers who are angry face this danger too.
Those who exceed the speed limit were also seen to have a 13 percent higher chance of crashing when compared to those who obeyed traffic laws.

Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute were able to gather this information by comparing the attitudes of drivers that had been involved in numerous crashes, against those who had a clean driving history.

Other more obvious reasons for crashing were taking one's eyes off the road, or trying to multitask when behind the wheel.
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