Car salesman killed while on test drive in California

Car Salesman Dies After Test Driver High on Drugs Crashes Into Tree: Cops

A car salesman in southern California was killed after a driver allegedly high on drugs crashed a Chevrolet Corvette while on a test drive.

Alex Dimitris approached the CarMax dealership with the intent of taking a test drive in a Corvette. He proceeded on the route with 43-year-old salesman Warren Smale.
Unfortunately, Dimitris lost control of the powerful sports car and crashed into a tree. The video shows the damage that the car caused to the tree, with marks on the road visible showing the direction the car was travelling in when the driver lost control.

Police arrived at the scene to find both driver and passenger injured, with Smale later pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Dimitris was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while under the influence of drugs.

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