Woman makes sure every inch of her car is clean - including the inside

Car Wash Technique Goes Viral | Autoblog Minute

A West Australian woman has become a worldwide sensation after footage of her enthusiastically cleaning the inside of her car was uploaded onto Facebook.

Using a soapy brush usually reserved for the outside of a vehicle, the woman is seen to scrub furiously at the back seats of the Mazda 3, before moving onto the interior door panel. Not content with the cleanliness of the vehicle's cab, the full footage then shows her moving to the front of the car and continuing to clean.
The video was originally posted to Facebook by Sam Bajram on February 20, and has since been viewed over 4 million times, amassing 18,000 shares and numerous comments questioning exactly what she was trying to wash off.

In a statement to WA today, Bajram said that he had been sat in his car on Friday afternoon waiting to use the Perth carwash when he spotted the woman's bizarre cleaning method and decided to film it.

Commenting on the video's fame, he added: "I honestly just put it on Facebook for my mates and a few cousins to have a laugh, but when I got up Saturday morning it had gone viral."
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