Nissan highlights the importance of checking for cats before driving

Credit: Nissan

It's a well-known fact that the internet loves cats. And so does Japanese carmaker Nissan, apparently.

The manufacturer has released a new campaign titled #KnockKnockCats, which aims to encourage motorists to check for cats in and around their cars before driving off in the morning.
During long and cold winter nights, cats like to find warm and sheltered sleeping spots, and a car engine bay or wheel arch fits the bill purr-fectly.

An advertisement, released as part of the campaign, shows cats of all shapes and sizes playing and tumbling about, before switching to a more serious message.

In an attempt to prevent any cats being injured after sleeping in cars, Nissan is calling for motorists to knock on their vehicle's hood and listen for a 'meow' before driving their car.
And capitalising on the internet's most loved furry friends seems to have worked, with the video having amassed almost 750,000 views since it was uploaded last Monday.

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