MG B driver makes miraculous save while racing at high speed

Epic MG Racing *Save*: How Did This Car Not Crash?

The Goodwood Members' Meeting is an exciting event in the motorsport calendar, and with 13 races set to take place over the weekend of March 19 and 20, the 2016 edition looks set to be fast-paced and action-packed.

The event was revived in 2014 in order to continue in the tradition of the 71 club motorsport events that were held by the Goodwood Road Racing Club at the circuit from 1949-66.
Excitement is now building for the 74th meeting and in anticipation, motorsport fans are invited to watch footage of an amazing save by driver Chris Ryan in a 1964 MG B 'Le Mans' (MET).

In attempting to overtake another vehicle on the inside, the driver sends his car sideways and off the track. Amazingly he manages to regain control and piloting the vehicle back onto the track, he continues with the race.

Even the commentators, who are no doubt used to near misses on track seem surprised, with one exclaiming: "That looked like it was destined to end up in the barrier, but he caught it brilliantly!"
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